Magnolia Counseling Group is a team of Licensed Professional Counselors with a variety of educational backgrounds and diverse professional experiences. Our distinct personalities and unique therapeutic approaches brought us together to establish a private counseling practice in the heart of Dallas. We shared a vision to create a boutique, specialized and Christ-centered counseling practice.

The name of our practice was chosen with careful thought and purpose. The magnolia flower symbolizes purity, perseverance, joy, health and wholeness – these traits and virtues are those which clients often desire to pursue in their own lives with the assistance of their therapist. We long for ourselves and our clients to be fully integrated beings so that we can be our best for God and others.

We willingly and gladly companion our clients who are...

  • seeking REST from maladaptive thinking, behavior, and relationship patterns
  • open to REFLECT on new and fresh ways to approach life and relationships
  • wanting to RENEW vitality, connection and meaning in life


relief or freedom, especially from anything that wearies, troubles, or disturbs


to think, ponder, or meditate


to restore, to revive, to re-establish, to make new, begin again, to recommence