Burnout Insurance


by Andrew Yeaton

We all know the feeling of heading into a long week with just a little too much on our plate. Whether it is a big meeting to prepare for or a project that will eat up more time than you’d like, we are all faced with the possibility of burnout if we don’t plan ahead. The idea of “self care” has become such a foreign concept in this rapid paced era; however, it can be essential in maintaining our physical, mental, and spiritual health. A good rule of thumb is to match the amount of stressors in your life with the amount of things that recharge your emotional physical, and spiritual batteries. Things that can recharge us and protect us from burnout include…

These are just a few things that you may want to try next time you are heading into one of “those” weeks. The idea here is prevention and not reaction. If you can plan ahead and build these things into your week, you have a much better chance at protecting yourself from burnout and frustration.